If you’re associated with an educational institution, not-for-profit or business, working for positive change and are aligned with the values of global education, human rights, sustainability, and would like to reach our Global SunRisers, an audience of youth, parents, educators and consumers who care about each other and the planet, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re involved with a travel related industry, global education, human rights, media, sustainable business or responsible tourism, this project will be of special interest to you.

The Global Sunrise Project’s demographics serve a wide on-line community appealing to those interested in exploration, education, empathy, empowerment, community, culture and cause. Rooted in supporting and empowering youth leadership, the goal is to engage youth, parents & educators, using a variety of social media tools available to inspire and encourage personal responsibility and civic action. Don’t miss this flagship opportunity to join in the journey. In-kind contributions, support and sponsorship are all needed and appreciated. Email us at info@theglobalsunriseproject.com.